Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Head Over Heels

Mr. M and I have dated a whopping 8 years!

We met at the University of Oklahoma..

I was your typical sorority girl.. he was a collegiate gymnast...

We were set up by a sorority sister of mine at one of our functions.

It happened to be my birthday so we invited the gymnasts out to celebrate. After that.. it was history.

After 8 years.. and 4 degrees, ( I have my bachelors he has his bachelors/MBA/JD) I finally talked him into moving out of Norman and over to Tulsa, where I've lived for four years.

I work at a local TV station.. producing the morning show. So that means I'm a vampire, lol..

He's currently searching for work in Tulsa while working part-time for my dad's firm.

And now we're planning our big flipping wedding!

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