Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dress Meeting Tomorrow!

I meet with Kayne tomorrow! I'm excited.. I think we are going to pick out dress fabric and go over final details of the sketch. I could have my dress by February/March! Don't worry I'll take plenty of pictures and fill you guys in when I know more details :)

It's hard to believe this dress drawn on this paper will be what I wear when I marry my best friend! It's a little scary.. I admit it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Gonna Be Hot!

I found the most amazing website ever for brides worried about the weather on their big day!

Holy forecasting Batman! 
But guess what this site told me about July 17th..... It's gonna be a hot one!

Typical Weather for July
Here are average weather conditions for the month of your wedding:

14-15 days
8-9 days
5-7 days

Typical Weather for July 17

Typical Weather for July 17
Here are average weather conditions for the day of your wedding:
Average High Temp:93°F
 Record High Temp:110°F (1954)
Average Low Temp: 70°F
 Record Low Temp: 56°F (1999)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Which One Is More Torture?

I'm trying to decide which gym class I want to try.. spin or bootcamp? Do I either want to peddle til my legs fall off or do calisthenics til I puke.. either one I need to whip my booty into shape. I'm trying to make it a goal to work out 3 days a week to start.. then push it up to 5 once my class ends in two weeks. Ah it's hitting me that I need to get in shape before I start all the pictures!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's My Dress.. Or Liberachi's?

Once upon a time before I decided on my dress my mom and I traveled south to the wonderful shopping mecca known as Dallas, TX.  I tried on countless dresses and could not find a single thing. In that search for "The One" I came across some crazy creations.. I'm almost embarrassed to say I kinda liked this one.

It's designed by Pucchi (sp?) and get this.. it cost $15,000! Holy Moly! Let me be honest with you, I just tried it on because I wanted to see what it looked like. It's gold..and giraffe-print! Here's an up-close look at the print.


Here's the train... pay no attention to my bad hair.. it's in the "growing-out-for-the-wedding" process.

It literally sparkled in the light. I felt like I should have a portrait painted of me and have it hanging in a castle somewhere. Needless to say.. I liked the flash.. but I didn't want the dress to be the center of attention. 
After all I wear the dress. I don't want the dress to wear me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shoe Porn

As Carrie Bradshaw once said while looking in the window at Mahnolo Blahnik... "Hello lover."

These shoes are amazing! I need to figure out where I can get them in Oklahoma!

Take a peek... 4 inches of turquoise and teal greatness...

Aren't they wonderful?

I think these are just the shoes to wear on my Big Day.. and probably every day after that. They look super expensive!

Thanks to the great power of Google. I just found out where I can buy these shoes.. at a whopping $175. Maybe I should start a shoe registry?

Meet My Maids (& Matrons)

I thought I would introduce the five of you that read my blog to the women who will stand at the altar with me when I say "I Do." These women represent very different but meaningful points in my life and relationship with Heath. So without further ado...

Leslee (cousin of the bride)- Matron of Honor

Leslee is my only cousin. Most of the time we are more like sisters. She and I are road trip warriors.. we can sing any Oldies tune you can think of! She's also the mastermind behind getting my dress designed by Kayne!

Lindsay O'Donnell (work friend) - Maid of Honor

What started out as a work friendship has become so much more. Lindsay is my "go-to" friend when I need advice, encouragement, or Girl's Night. She's the one that got me through the three years when Heath & I lived apart.

Carrie Bittle, Ashley Barth, Hayley Johnson-Orr - (college roommates)- Bridesmaids

 Bittle is my friend I go to when I need a laugh! I can always count on her to tell me a hilarious story. She was also a roommate of mine in the Deeg.

Ashley and I have known each other since Camp Crimson and were roomies in the Delta Gamma house. She was there when Heath and I started dating.. along with Carrie and Hayley. They heard it all! 

Hayley is another one of The Girls. Lived across the hall from me sophomore year.. next door for two years after that. She's a prankster.. so watch out!

Sarah Bemis Hobbs (childhood friend)- Bridesmaid

Sarah is one of my best friends from High School. It seems only fitting that the girl I used to talk about boys with for hours in high school be up there with me when I say I do.

Katie Smith (childhood friend)- Bridesmaid

Katie is a lifelong friend, plain and simple. Our families went on countless vacations together and we spend lots of holidays together. Our mothers often say we fight like sisters.. but love each other just as much.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Maids Are Gonna Look Hot!

After searching countless weeks and almost buying dresses I wasn't crazy about.. we found THE ONE...
My matron and maid of honor and I spent Saturday dress shopping.. and *gasp* not watching the Sooners play football.
Hey, after OU/tx we needed a break.

The three of us embarked on our journey hopeful but not optimistic. We went to countless chain-bridal stores only to come out empty-handed. No offense to anyone out there in the WWW but most of those dresses were just too boring for my taste!
Then my stylish cousin (and matron of honor) suggested Dillards!
We literally hit the jackpot. The girls probably tried on at least 10 dresses a piece.
Then we found this classic LBD! She's such a gem:)

Here's the detailing around the bottom of the skirt. Its hard to see but it's ribbon detailing in circular curly-q's.

I've decided instead of doing a very in your face peacock theme we are staying classic and doing peacock accents. The girls are planning on incorporating peacock feathers in their accessories. Like this...

I'm planning on having something like this as well with my birdcage veil.
Here are the two fashionistas themselves... Leslee (matron) & Lindsay (maid)

What other ways do you think we could jazz up these dresses while staying with the subtle peacock color theme?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not A lot Going On

Not a lot has been happening lately..
Heath and I went to OU/ tx and sadly we were defeated. But WE refuse to go out without a bang.

We definitely partied it up in Dallas and at the State Fair ( I consumed three corny dogs and numerous cups of beer.) Since the previous statement.. my diet/ workout routine should have started 2 months ago. I need to get motivated! Does anyone know of any fun workout classes? I've done Zumba.. now I'm thinking about spin.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jim + Pam = 4-ever

I'm so excited about tonight! Jim & Pam forever. This kinda made me choke up.. maybe Heath can take notes from Jim... lol.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed!

I met with my wedding planner last week and it's going fabulous but I have to admit I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I always thought I would be the bride who was so happy and into planning everything.. now I kind of want to let my mom take over. Not that I don't enjoy all the aspects of planning, I just feel like there are so many eggs.. and this basket can fit that many! We are ten months out (10) and my to-do list is a mile long! I'm hoping there are other brides out there that can offer some advice to this one. Right now, I'm feeling blah.. I just wish it would be July 17, 2010 so I can see the fruits of our labor :)

Promote My Wedding
Wedding Ticker from PromoteMyWedding

Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Runway: Wedding Style

I debated talking about my dress but I'm so excited I could burst!
I'm having my dress designed by Kayne Gillespie! He was on Season 3 of Project Runway.
Here's the cool part.. part of my dress will be from the dress worn by 3 brides in my family (my aunt, my mom and my cousin.)
Kayne is going to take the train.. (because that's the only part I liked) and design my dress around that.

Heath don't peak! Innocent Here's the sketch!

Here are some pics from our first "dress meeting."

Kayne, my Aunt Nancy, my cousin Leslee .. and me.

Kayne coming up with his vision...

Going over the details with my mom in his studio... we look so intense!

Four brides, a dress and a designer!

I almost forgot the coolest part! Kayne is doing a reality show for TLC called "Gown Crazy." If the show gets picked up we're probably going to be on it! Innocent Hopefully we'll know something by December, so keep your fingers crossed!

And finally.. here's me wearing my mom's dress.. see what I mean? It's just not my style but I'm excited to see what he's going to do with the train.

Take a look at my cousin's expression. It's priceless!

So what do you guys think?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Said YES!

It was a Friday evening in June, I had just gotten up when Heath asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. He immediately starts rattling off all these really nice restaurants in Tulsa. Wondering why he was mentioning all these expensive places I start being difficult and say I don't want to go anywhere fancy.

We finally agreed on The Garlic Rose in Brookside.

So we go to the restaurant and I notice Heath is acting strangely. But I brush it off, thinking he's just hungry. Halfway through dinner he asks if I want dessert. This was strange because we rarely order dessert when we go out to dinner. So he convinces me to order the white chocolate bread pudding.

We wait a few minutes and he gets up to "go to the bathroom." While I'm sitting there talking with the table next to us Heath comes back and the waiter brings out this platter with the dessert on it. And in the middle of the tray sits a beautiful diamond ring.

I immediately clasp my mouth and squeal "Oh my gosh!" Then Heath gets down on one knee and says something to the extent of I love you forever will you marry me.. I was kinda crying so it's hard to remember.

Tears immediately start flowing and I jump up and said YES!

Meanwhile, the table next to us and our new friends, say "way to go buddy," to Heath and shakes his hand.

I on the other hand was shaking as we try to finish dessert.

As we go to get the check for the momentous evening our waiter tells us that some wonderful person at the restaurant picked up our tab, once again tears start flowing.

And as we left the restaurant everyone in our area started clapping.

After dinner, we met up with my parents at Michael Fusco's restaurant to tell them the big news.

Head Over Heels

Mr. M and I have dated a whopping 8 years!

We met at the University of Oklahoma..

I was your typical sorority girl.. he was a collegiate gymnast...

We were set up by a sorority sister of mine at one of our functions.

It happened to be my birthday so we invited the gymnasts out to celebrate. After that.. it was history.

After 8 years.. and 4 degrees, ( I have my bachelors he has his bachelors/MBA/JD) I finally talked him into moving out of Norman and over to Tulsa, where I've lived for four years.

I work at a local TV station.. producing the morning show. So that means I'm a vampire, lol..

He's currently searching for work in Tulsa while working part-time for my dad's firm.

And now we're planning our big flipping wedding!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

I'm calling my blog "While You Were Sleeping" because it describes my life. I work overnights while the rest of the world is asleep. While I don't necessarily "love" my shift it's given me the opportunity to truly test myself. It's amazing what you learn about yourself when you are stuck doing something you NEVER thought you would do. It also forces you to be thankful for simple things.. I see the sunrise everyday as I walk out of work, I have no morning traffic:) and I can plan stuff during the day (after I sleep of course!)