Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet My Maids (& Matrons)

I thought I would introduce the five of you that read my blog to the women who will stand at the altar with me when I say "I Do." These women represent very different but meaningful points in my life and relationship with Heath. So without further ado...

Leslee (cousin of the bride)- Matron of Honor

Leslee is my only cousin. Most of the time we are more like sisters. She and I are road trip warriors.. we can sing any Oldies tune you can think of! She's also the mastermind behind getting my dress designed by Kayne!

Lindsay O'Donnell (work friend) - Maid of Honor

What started out as a work friendship has become so much more. Lindsay is my "go-to" friend when I need advice, encouragement, or Girl's Night. She's the one that got me through the three years when Heath & I lived apart.

Carrie Bittle, Ashley Barth, Hayley Johnson-Orr - (college roommates)- Bridesmaids

 Bittle is my friend I go to when I need a laugh! I can always count on her to tell me a hilarious story. She was also a roommate of mine in the Deeg.

Ashley and I have known each other since Camp Crimson and were roomies in the Delta Gamma house. She was there when Heath and I started dating.. along with Carrie and Hayley. They heard it all! 

Hayley is another one of The Girls. Lived across the hall from me sophomore year.. next door for two years after that. She's a prankster.. so watch out!

Sarah Bemis Hobbs (childhood friend)- Bridesmaid

Sarah is one of my best friends from High School. It seems only fitting that the girl I used to talk about boys with for hours in high school be up there with me when I say I do.

Katie Smith (childhood friend)- Bridesmaid

Katie is a lifelong friend, plain and simple. Our families went on countless vacations together and we spend lots of holidays together. Our mothers often say we fight like sisters.. but love each other just as much.

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