Monday, October 26, 2009

My Maids Are Gonna Look Hot!

After searching countless weeks and almost buying dresses I wasn't crazy about.. we found THE ONE...
My matron and maid of honor and I spent Saturday dress shopping.. and *gasp* not watching the Sooners play football.
Hey, after OU/tx we needed a break.

The three of us embarked on our journey hopeful but not optimistic. We went to countless chain-bridal stores only to come out empty-handed. No offense to anyone out there in the WWW but most of those dresses were just too boring for my taste!
Then my stylish cousin (and matron of honor) suggested Dillards!
We literally hit the jackpot. The girls probably tried on at least 10 dresses a piece.
Then we found this classic LBD! She's such a gem:)

Here's the detailing around the bottom of the skirt. Its hard to see but it's ribbon detailing in circular curly-q's.

I've decided instead of doing a very in your face peacock theme we are staying classic and doing peacock accents. The girls are planning on incorporating peacock feathers in their accessories. Like this...

I'm planning on having something like this as well with my birdcage veil.
Here are the two fashionistas themselves... Leslee (matron) & Lindsay (maid)

What other ways do you think we could jazz up these dresses while staying with the subtle peacock color theme?

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