Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Said YES!

It was a Friday evening in June, I had just gotten up when Heath asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. He immediately starts rattling off all these really nice restaurants in Tulsa. Wondering why he was mentioning all these expensive places I start being difficult and say I don't want to go anywhere fancy.

We finally agreed on The Garlic Rose in Brookside.

So we go to the restaurant and I notice Heath is acting strangely. But I brush it off, thinking he's just hungry. Halfway through dinner he asks if I want dessert. This was strange because we rarely order dessert when we go out to dinner. So he convinces me to order the white chocolate bread pudding.

We wait a few minutes and he gets up to "go to the bathroom." While I'm sitting there talking with the table next to us Heath comes back and the waiter brings out this platter with the dessert on it. And in the middle of the tray sits a beautiful diamond ring.

I immediately clasp my mouth and squeal "Oh my gosh!" Then Heath gets down on one knee and says something to the extent of I love you forever will you marry me.. I was kinda crying so it's hard to remember.

Tears immediately start flowing and I jump up and said YES!

Meanwhile, the table next to us and our new friends, say "way to go buddy," to Heath and shakes his hand.

I on the other hand was shaking as we try to finish dessert.

As we go to get the check for the momentous evening our waiter tells us that some wonderful person at the restaurant picked up our tab, once again tears start flowing.

And as we left the restaurant everyone in our area started clapping.

After dinner, we met up with my parents at Michael Fusco's restaurant to tell them the big news.

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